Shoehorning into Oblivion: The COTS System Strikes Back

When I was first getting started in the business of Information Technology there were’t many Commercial, Off The Shelf (COTS) systems out there. Systems were written in-house to automate business processes, resulting in a pretty good alignment between the business’ view of their data, and the way it was stored. Reporting needs where usually basic, consisting mostly of what we now call operational reports.

Does meta data matter any more? (aka Data vs Meta data)

I was asked the other day to explain how I would implement an architecture for meta data management as opposed to data management. The question actually stopped me for a moment because it is not a straight forward as it first sounds. In fact, it may be simpler than it sounds.

Free Your Data!

No, I’m not suggesting that you make your data available to everyone on the internet. I’m talking about freeing your data from its tight fitting applications.

Applications are important. They guide you and your staff in the efficient execution of the processes that keep your company moving. Along the way, they allow (or even require) a variety of data to be entered. Your applications help (or should help) ensure that your data is correct, and complete, and up to date.

Are your Employees Destroying your most valuable assets?

Are your Employees Destroying your most valuable assets?

I received an email the other day. It was carefully crafted, and was obviously intended to sound like it was written especially to me. It lost me, however, in the first two words: "Dear Tannis00". Dirty Data lost the sale.

When it comes right down to it, data is an asset. It has value just like a chair or a desk. If you caught an employee sawing off the corner of his desk because he kept bumping into it, you would be upset. Cutting corners with Data is no different.